Tuesday, 18 November 2014

16 Things Most Siblings will Understand

They say there is no better friend than a sister. And I'm sure many people feel the same way about brothers too. I have one sibling, my sister, who is a little bit older than me. Over the years we've had laughs, we've had tears, we've jumped on the sofa singing Christmas carols at the top of our lungs and we've pinched biscuits from the cupboard and shared the spoils. These 16 things are stuff I've noticed looking back, and if you have a sibling, I wonder how many of these you can identify with!

They tease you mercilessly, but won't allow anyone else to do the same

My sister has locked me inside a wardrobe, duct-taped me inside a cardboard box and invited me to play 52-card pickup. I've hidden under her duvet and in other places to jump out and scare her, read her diary and the day she got her braces, I called her Metal Gear Solid (which I got in a LOT of trouble for). But woe betide anyone else who tries to insult one of us. We really do have each other's back and we'd fight to the death to defend the other!

They get you IN trouble

My sister and I have gotten each other into trouble many times over the years. Sometimes we've even found pleasure in doing so!

They get you OUT of trouble

When our dog peed on the brand new sofa, my sister received a frantic phone call from me begging for help. She helped me hide the stain and it wasn't discovered for months.

You'd do anything for your sibling

Getting rid of spiders at midnight, allowing the other to spend all the credit on their phone, burying a body, I know my sister and I would do anything for each other. Legal disclaimer: neither of us have *actually* buried a body.

Being asked if you're twins, even if you look nothing alike

I'm 5 ft 7 whereas my sister is 5 ft 4. She has light brown hair, I am blonde. Our facial features are very different. Yet, we've been asked many times if we're twins. We really can't see the resemblance at all. Even worse, I know of brother-sister siblings who have been mistaken for a married/dating couple. Awkward.

Older siblings always get into trouble whereas the younger ones get away with murder

This always happened in our house. If my sister did anything wrong, she was in trouble with a capital T. But when I did something wrong, I would burst into tears and get away with it.

Younger siblings copy everything the older siblings do

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but I'm sure my sister got a bit fed up with me copying her all the time. I wanted to learn to play the flute after she started lessons, when she learned how to windsurf, I insisted on having lessons too, and I even followed her to the same university, 70 miles from home!

The nicknames you have for each other

My sister often calls me Kit or Kitty, but also came up with the nickname Katriniana Bandayaga Ding Dong for me. (And no, I didn't fall asleep on the keyboard there.)

Getting called your sibling's name

For most of my school life, I was either called by my sister's name, or called [name]'s sister. Our parents constantly called my sister Katy, and me by my sister's name. It still happens, even though they've had 26 years to get it right!

The love/hate/love/hate relationship

One minute you love them, the next minute, you're looking to see how much you could get for them on eBay. You have more love/hate twists in one day than Ross and Rachel had in ten years but love always wins the battle.

The silent telepathic communication

My sister and I have this uncanny ability to know what the other is thinking. We don't have to plan to wind our parents up, we just know to join in and try and convince our poor 'rents of something strange or startling. On the downside, it's difficult to try and trick the other, as we tend to know when the other is making stuff up!

When one sibling is in trouble, the other(s) behave in a sickly-sweet manner to make the offender look even worse

Whenever my sister did something wrong, I would be on my best behaviour to try and make her look even worse and vice-versa. Apparently my mum found it even more annoying than the bad behaviour!

You ask to borrow stuff AFTER borrowing it

Can I borrow your jacket?
Do you have to?

Fine, OK.
Good, because I'm wearing it. Sound familiar?

They give it to you straight, no sugarcoating things

My sister likes going clothes shopping with me because she knows that if she tries on something that doesn't suit her, I'll tell it to her in plain English. I'm very blunt, but would you rather I told her an unflattering outfit looked good, meaning she'd walk around looking terrible? I didn't think so!

Going to your sibling before talking to your parents

More so when we were older, we would tell each other about something big we were planning or something daft we'd done, before/without telling our parents. I found talking to her so handy as it would help me test the water to see just how bad she would react to what I'd done!

But above all, they mean everything to you and you'd never trade them for anything

Even though we may have tried to sell or get rid of the other over the years, no amount of money in the world could ever tempt us into giving the other up. We may have fought a lot in our teens and teased each other mercilessly, but there's no way I would ever be without her. Siblings are friends for life and nothing could ever replace her.

So how many of these things did you identify with? Or are there any other things that most siblings will understand that I've missed? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


  1. We are so Blessed to have sisters . ;-) I have two of the best God made. I am the baby sister ( 63 ) lol and they have been there for me through thick and thin. My oldest sister is ten years my senior and still wants to fix my hair right lol It seems the older we get the closer we get.

    1. My sister and I are the same, the older we get the closer we become, we've been really close the last 10 years since we left school, but even through our awkward teenage years we were pretty close. My sister has done so much for me over the years, I'm so fortunate to have her. I'd be lost without her. I guess that's how you feel about your sisters too :)

  2. Katy,

    Merry Christmas lol lol tried so hard to learn to tweet ! Just to say that lol lol. Two days after Christmas and still to computer dumb ! Lollol God Bless my girl, thank you for being you. You are a big blessing in my life !! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. And that all of this silly season wasn't to much. My son did OK. I think great, but I am proud. My baby boy lol lol don't care if he is 40 lol told him deal with it lol I may live till 90 lol still my baby boy. Enough of me being silly, Katy, thanks again, God Bless, this old lady truly has a big part of her heart full cause of you. I will still try to twitter, so we can talk but ya may not hear from me for awhile lol lol

    GOD IS GOOD !!!

    That's from my Sis,


    1. Good luck with your Twitter :) Let me know who you are on Twitter! I did have a lovely Christmas thank you, spent it with my family! Hope you had a lovely Christmas too :)



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